Since 1996, we have led the standards of practice in legal and mental health collaboration in Chicagoland, providing professional development, scholarship, and outreach to the community. 


Our Mission

The purpose of Forensic Forum Chicago is to provide education, study, consultation, and services to the legal and behavioral sciences professions and to the community; to establish dialogue among professionals involved with law and behavioral sciences; to explore ethical and legal issues at the interface of law and the mental health professions; and to enhance ethical practice at this interface.   It is the mission of the Forensic Forum to offer informational services to the public and to the respective professions regarding optimal practice in the areas of behavioral sciences and the law.

For over 25 years, the Forensic Forum Chicago has created a much valued community of attorneys and mental health professionals dedicated to the well being of families in trouble. By sharing our professional knowledge with one another, discussing technical problems together and learning about new points of view from each other we each play our roles more effectively and usefully for families. The Forensic Forum provides a unique opportunity to develop informal relationships with trusted colleagues from other disciplines who help widen and refine our perspectives.
— Forensic Psychiatrist
I was not a psychology major in undergrad, therefore, the input of of my colleagues who are mental health professionals gave me greater insight into that aspect of healthy and unhealthy family relationships I’ve encountered in my career
— Family Law Attorney
I’ve been interested in doing custody evaluations, but I didn’t know where to start. Forensic Forum gave me the resources and confidence to expand my practice.
— Clinical Psychologist
As an early career attorney, I really appreciate the opportunity to meet and mingle with judges and senior attorneys. The dinner meetings are a great way to get to know people and obtain CLE’s in the process.
— Associate Attorney
In the six years that I have been a member, Forensic Forum has been a valuable and enjoyable part of my professional life. Through the dinner seminars and the annual seminar, I have learned about important issues affecting the practice of law while meeting colleagues and practitioners from other disciplines in a relaxed and congenial social setting.
— Private Practice Attorney
I have been a member of Forensic Forum for many years. The chance to expand my knowledge base and network with professionals in family law has been invaluable to me.
— Forensic Clinical Psychologist
Presentations by our scholarly colleagues have alerted me to important research findings I might not otherwise have known, and helped prevent embarrassing errors in my methodology.
— Clinical Psychologist and Custody Evaluator